Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Birthday Party

As I was planning my sons birthday party recently it got me thinking about how much parties have changed. What did everyone do before we had party venues such as 'jumping places', 'amusement parks' or parties like 'paint your own ceramics' or 'cooking camp parties'? When did everything get so complicated and pricey? Growing up I remember my parties and ones I attended...they were always a blast despite the fact that they were at someone's house. Sure there was an occasional skating party, but for the most part it consisted of games, cake, gifts and maybe a goodie bag. I never felt I was missing anything as a kid. I only had fun! I just wonder if maybe we feel the need to 'entertain' the kids at a party because the pace of life has changed, and what used to entertain doesn't anymore, everyone wants bigger and better everything. I still think children can have a good time at a simple party if you put some thought into it. Plan a couple of games, add a fun theme, throw in a cake and you will have some happy kids.
Any ideas on how you simplify?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dinner... a Great Family Time

We have all heard that its important to eat dinner as a family at the dinner table. Did you know that this can be the best place to talk as well? Although, sometimes this is difficult due to do our busy schedules and life's distractions. There are so many benefits to sitting down and talking with each other about the day and sharing whats going on in our lives around the dinner table. Those in our own households need to be the ones we share our day-to-day life with. Once I heard how you should always ask open ended questions to your kids so they will give more of an answer than just 'yes' or 'no'. At the age of my children there is no shortage of conversation, yet I know someday that may not always be the case. About a year ago my husband started a little activity at our table. We all take turns pointing out things we admire or enjoy about another person at the table. I have heard my kids say things like "I like it when you play with me" or "Thank you for helping me clean my room"....Its especially sweet to to hear siblings do this! Now, when my husband and I forget, our kids will remind us. I definitely recommend this to every family. With the crazy pace of life for some of us, meal time is the only "together time" we have. Why not make it count?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lets Go On a Date

When you have been together for long time I think we loose our originality in coming up with date night ideas. We are creatures of habit and seem to get in a rut, dining at the same restaurants, renting movies and staying within a 10 miles radius of home. . If we take the time to plan we could turn mediocre dates into new exciting adventures together. Why not go to a different part of town, I know from personal experience just changing up the part of town can make a difference. You can try other things like borrowing a different car, have a moonlit picnic or take a cooking class, rent a segway, ride bikes or walk a different part of town, catch a outdoor play or festival...the possibilities are endless. There is something special that happens when you get out of the 'norm' and try new experiences together. It seems we should pull out all the stops and be creative even if we have been together for many years! Don't get me wrong some nights a take out meal and a movie are nice too, but every now and then how great would it be to surprise or plan an extra special date for no specific reason.  With a little effort and some creativity you and your special someone can spend some quality time together in an extra special way.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Skating Rink...a blast from the past!

A few weeks ago a friend invited my kids and I to go roller skating. I haven't skated in years, but back in the day that was the place to be. Not much has changed as you might guess. It still smells a little bit like feet, has the same skates from 20 years ago but aside from that its still a fun place for people of all ages. My kids only have tried to ice skating so this was all new to them. Although its been years for me, its like riding a comes back to you after a while and a few close calls.
 If you or your kids haven't done this in a while I highly recommend it. I can't promise you won't have sore legs or feet, but you will have a fun time hanging at the rink like good ole days.