Friday, February 10, 2012

A Day in the Big City

A few weeks ago we took the kids and headed to Herman Park to enjoy the spring-like weather occurring in January. The park was hopping, alive with families enjoying the beautiful day. We fed the ducks, kicked the soccer ball, relaxed on a blanket and just soaked up the sun accompanied by the cool breeze. While there, our kids were asking to ride the zoo train. Since there was such a crowd my husband suggested we do something else, so we bought a $1.25 round trip ticket and jumped on the Metro Light Rail.
The kids seemed to enjoy the new experience of the train as they took in all the scenes and people aboard. When we arrived downtown we got off at the Main St. Square stop where we walked around checking out the skyscrapers and concrete landscape. My husband spotted a Starbucks at the corner of Main and Dallas which meant it was time for a coffee break. Needless to say we were in a ‘happy place’ with our coffee in tow, but I think the kids liked being somewhere new with Mom and Dad. Later, we caught the train back to our car. While driving home both my husband I said it felt like we had been to a new city in a different state. It’s funny how getting out of the suburb bubble and heading out of your comfort zone into the unfamiliar can be such a fun adventure for the whole family.
What are some things you have done as a family that were out of the ‘norm’ that turned out to be really neat adventures or outings? source

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