Sunday, February 19, 2012

No More Store Bought Cards

Its often said people like handmade gifts and greetings. Well after paying $4 or more for a card that someone looks at once then pitches, I tend to agree, why not save money and make the card special just by adding a little extra thought.

There are so many options to add flare to your card, here are just a few ideas I have tried.
  • Painting a background or image
  • Decoupage pictures or fabrics
  • Cut out words and things from magazines or brochures...even images from old greeting cards
  • Include photos, stickers and scrapbook embellishments
  • Another idea is to mix all sorts of elements to get a one-of-a kind card
On a side note I personaly don't care for my hand writing so I use the computer to type the verse, saying and/or my message then simply print, cut and add to my card in various ways.

If you are not the 'crafty' type, Walgreens or CVS have handy online photo centers. This is a great stop for creating really cute cards that cost less than generic cards yet allow you to personalize with your captured memories.

When someone sees that you took the time and creativity to make the card personal, it will truly mean more, they are also more likly to keep it unlike store bought cards. 

Why not save money AND make that someone feel extra special!

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