Friday, January 27, 2012

Walmart Picture Me Studio

During the holidays my sisters and I try to get an appointment for our kids' Christmas picture to be made. This year we went to a well known picture studio which went well, but by the time we left our kids were cranky, we were cranky which in turn added to holiday stress. I thought to myself  there has to be another way. I have always walked past the Picture Me Studio in Wal-mart and wondered about what my experience would be like there, and just a few weeks ago I found out.

My daughter needed a 4th birthday picture made so I thought now is my chance to try something different. As usual they did try to 'sell' me on packages and what not, however, we stuck to our guns and only bought what we truly wanted. I have to say the shoot went great the photographer was patient, there was no wait, and the picture quality was better than I expected. The fact that we didn’t have all the normal stress like other venues made the experience even better. I would definitely recommend it.


  1. My biggest pet peeve with Walmart picture studios is actually not in the experience itself but in the fact that when you go back there is nothing new to add, no originality. It is the same backdrop and the same poses.

  2. I have only gone once but I can see how this could be an issue. I like options and varity for the background too. I guess we will see how the next visit goes. THANKS for viewing your opinion!


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