Monday, January 30, 2012

Coffee...Pure Magic!

So its no secret my husband I LOVE our coffee each day like the next guy, however we have learned how to take it to the next level!  Several months ago a good friend invited me over for a cup of Joe, she used a mini battery operated whisk. At first I thought 'cool, doubt I would use it much but still neat'. That was last year sometime, today we use it with every cup we make. What is so great about it? you may ask. It makes the coffee even BETTER. You simply add your cream then use the whisk to whip it up in a yummy foam or froth like consistency. Then add your coffee and whisk again. It turns a good cup of coffee into PURE MAGIC! We bought ours at IKEA for $3, can't beat that! source


  1. MMMMMMMMMMM. ah the sweet nectar of the Coffee Bean.

  2. Cafe Ole Espresso Roast. Need I say more


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