Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Birthday Party

As I was planning my sons birthday party recently it got me thinking about how much parties have changed. What did everyone do before we had party venues such as 'jumping places', 'amusement parks' or parties like 'paint your own ceramics' or 'cooking camp parties'? When did everything get so complicated and pricey? Growing up I remember my parties and ones I attended...they were always a blast despite the fact that they were at someone's house. Sure there was an occasional skating party, but for the most part it consisted of games, cake, gifts and maybe a goodie bag. I never felt I was missing anything as a kid. I only had fun! I just wonder if maybe we feel the need to 'entertain' the kids at a party because the pace of life has changed, and what used to entertain doesn't anymore, everyone wants bigger and better everything. I still think children can have a good time at a simple party if you put some thought into it. Plan a couple of games, add a fun theme, throw in a cake and you will have some happy kids.
Any ideas on how you simplify?

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  1. So true! I felt so overwhelmed during Mikaela's party b/c I was afraid the kids were getting bored but they were okay. I think the adults were the bored ones. :) Simple is better. I have great b-day memories growing up and they were always at home.


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