Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lets Go On a Date

When you have been together for long time I think we loose our originality in coming up with date night ideas. We are creatures of habit and seem to get in a rut, dining at the same restaurants, renting movies and staying within a 10 miles radius of home. . If we take the time to plan we could turn mediocre dates into new exciting adventures together. Why not go to a different part of town, I know from personal experience just changing up the part of town can make a difference. You can try other things like borrowing a different car, have a moonlit picnic or take a cooking class, rent a segway, ride bikes or walk a different part of town, catch a outdoor play or festival...the possibilities are endless. There is something special that happens when you get out of the 'norm' and try new experiences together. It seems we should pull out all the stops and be creative even if we have been together for many years! Don't get me wrong some nights a take out meal and a movie are nice too, but every now and then how great would it be to surprise or plan an extra special date for no specific reason.  With a little effort and some creativity you and your special someone can spend some quality time together in an extra special way.

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